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Undergraduate Entities

How do I find a chapter?
The best way to know if SLG is on your campus is by using the entity locator.

How do I join a chapter?

As a multicultural organization, SLG is an social sorority typically under the multicultural greek council or united greek council. In some instances, depending on the college or university, you may find our organization listed under panhellenic. To search for our organization, go to your institution’s website, under ‘greek life’ or ‘student organizations’ where you can find a list of active sororities on your campus. You can also contact the current Sorority & Fraternity Director at your institution for contact information to our chapter.

Don’t have a chapter on campus? Establish a chapter!

Sorority Life

Living the sorority life in Sigma Lambda Gamma offers endless lifelong benefits: friendship, sisterhood, personal leadership development and growth, campus and community involvement, philanthropic opportunities, social events and more!

For many young individuals in college, the sorority experience provides a home away from home – with a place of belonging and an environment where you can make a real impact!

Sigma Lambda Gamma helps our members realize their full potential by offering forward-thinking programs, tools and opportunities to become constructive, engaged leaders and contributors to the greater community.



Set a meeting with your student life office/greek life office to inquire about their expansion procedures. We find that expansion is so much easier when the institution is an excited partner and is willing to work with the student to bring SLG to campus.


Contact SLG’s Headquarters to express interest in getting started. A meeting will be scheduled and we can explore the requirements, fees and timelines of the expansion process.

For Family and Friends

Sigma Lambda Gamma cultivates its members with unique opportunities in leadership, scholarship, service and lifelong friendship. Our Sorority provides a rich and rewarding collegiate experience for members, filled with an exceptional blend of opportunities to empower members from college onward.

Once a member graduates, they will have formed lifelong friendships and will continue to receive support as an alumni through the Sorority’s alumni chapters.

As a family or friend of a Sigma Lambda Gamma, we invite you to be a part of the members journey. Learn more about the collegiate member’s experience with this letter from the CEO of Sigma Lambda Gamma. (Lea la carta en español aquí.)

Establish a Chapter?

Are you a leader who would like to bring SLG to your prospective college or university? You can establish a chapter on your campus! To establish a chapter, there are three phases of the process:

  1. Establishing an interest group on campus.
  2. Meeting initial expansion requirements to petition for Associate Chapter phase.
  3. Complete expansion requirements to petition for Chapter Chartering.

Once a member graduates, they will have formed lifelong friendships and will continue to receive support as an alumni through the Sorority’s alumni chapters.


SLG is committed to helping our members achieve their greatest potential at every stage in life!

Programming/ Education

At Sigma Lambda Gamma, we value academics, mental health, inclusivity, and professional development.
Personal and professional success is essential for our vision of empowering members to lead the world.
We offer a variety of educational programming all rooted in our Standards of Distinction, five principles,
and core competencies of emotional intelligence.

Academic programming is offered through our Academic Success Plan. In this goal-driven program, members can individualize their plan for personal success. This can be guided by HQ per request or self-guided as an entity. Access the Academic Success Plan via GreekTrack.

Mental Health, Career Development, and Creative Arts programming is offered by our Task Forces. Check the GreekTrack National Calendar for events.

Alcohol awareness, sexual assault, and hazing education for incoming members is offered through our program, CommunityLifeEdu. For more information click the contact us button below.