Staying Connected

Being a sister for life means meaningful connections are only one click or phone call away. Sisterhood means having a network of support no matter where you are or what stage of life you are currently experiencing.

The best way to stay connected after you leave your collegiate entity is to stay financially active! By paying your dues annually you will be able to connect with members instantly through our GreekTrack membership directory, join an Alumni Association, become an advisor to a collegiate entity, volunteer on National Committees and Task Forces, run for the National Board of Directions, reach out to potential mentors in your field, receive official correspondence from our National Board of Directors and Headquarters Staff, and learn about events exclusively available to dues paying members.

Click button below to contact us on how you can become financially active today! 

Are you financially active but unsure when events will happen? 

Our online calendar hosted through your GreekTrack profile is the answer! Click on an event title within the calendar to learn more about the event and how to attend. You can also use this calendar to see dates associated with other SLG opportunities, like upcoming application deadlines or program registration dates.

Whether you tune into a Live Chat on social media, or sign up to join a virtual watch party, you can join any of these online events and create SLG memories with other members from across the nation.

Announcements and events are shared through our technology platform, GreekTrack. Please visit your GreekTrack portal to access announcements, national calendar, sign up for opportunities, and more.

Not ready to be financially active but wondering if there are events you can still attend?

While most events are reserved for dues paying members, please like and subscribe to our social media channels @sigmalambdagamma to see when public events are posted.