Sorority Recruitment

As a multicultural social sorority, SLG is typically housed under your institution’s Multicultural Greek Council or United Greek Council. Our intake process differs from Panhellenic and is usually on a different timeline than the traditional rush. To find more information regarding our sorority on your campus, please invite your Sorority and Fraternity life or Student Activities webpage.

Why join SLG?

When you join SLG, you become a part of a sisterhood that lasts a lifetime. Gammas share a commitment to be of support to one another as a community that celebrates each of our individual backgrounds and become empowered leaders both in community, and the world.


As a member, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to learn valuable skills as a leader and put them into practice on your campus. You may choose to serve your chapter as a member of the executive council, or a member of one of the chapter committees. You may volunteer to be a part of one of the national committees, or become an mentor and advisor for a chapter and work closely with the National headquarters office. Overall, SLG offers you the opportunity to build important skills that will stay with you long after college, and you’ll have the community of sisterhood to support you in your life endeavors.