Looking for a way to get Involved?

Remaining Involved

SLG regularly creates programming for all of our entities and members. With the assistance of our task forces, committees, and members who are professionals in varying career fields, we are able to host events such as mental health workshops, resume building seminars, and many more. For alumni specific events, please see the National Calendar on GreekTrack.

SLG also has many volunteer roles for alumni who are ready to lend their time and talent to keep our organization going strong. From advising a collegiate chapter to assisting with a social media campaign, there are lots of different ways to give back. Explore this page to learn more about volunteering and roles that might be right for you.

Become a

Chapter Advisor

Are you an alumni member who wants to be involved with a chapter in your community? Become a chapter advisor! Each chapter at a college or university has an advisory committee that includes an intake advisor, chapter advisor, and academic advisor. An advisor is a volunteer leadership position that works as an extension of SLG to uphold the organization’s policies and act as a mentor to the members of the chapter on campus.

If you are interested in advising a nearby entity, please contact Brianna Peral at brianna@sigmalambdagamma.org.

National Committees


The National Board of Directors creates National Committees, as needed, to assist the Board in their work. Subscribe to SLG’s national email newsletter to learn more about these opportunities as they arise.

Current Task Forces

As alumni, you are invited to become a part of one of the task forces. Task Forces are volunteers, in good standing, that work directly with Headquarters to create workshops, programs, and share resources with the membership. To learn more about our task forces, read below.

Mental Health Task Force Volunteer Position (currently accepting new members)

Mental Health professional in the field, or professional in a related field of study (i.e.health, wellness, etc.), and/or with direct personal experience. Task-oriented and/or innovative thinkers with good communication skills, a willingness to learn new technology, and the ability to share/find resources. For more information contact: education@sigmalambdagamma.com

Pride Task Force Volunteer Position
(currently accepting new members)
The Pride Task Force is made up of LGBTQ+ Gammas that have come together to serve LGBTQ+ Gammas. How we manage that is open-ended, but can consist of (but is not limited to): compiling and distributing resources, developing programming, and creating proposals for change. Email pride@sigmalambdagamma.com


Elected & Appointed Positions

Sigma Lambda Gamma provides volunteer opportunities for alumni to continue their SLG journeys and guide the direction and future of the Fraternity and Foundation. The National Board of Directors are voted in by SLG membership. Regional Directors and the  Education Foundation Board of Trustees are selected through an application process. Learn more about all three below and how you can get involved or apply.

National Board of Directors

The National Board of Directors is a team of eight (8) alumni members who guide the organization at a strategic and visionary level. If you are an alumni who thrives at zooming out to envision what could be rather than what currently is, serving on the National Board may be a great option for you! Curious to learn more about what the National Board does? Reach out to the Board at nbod@sigmalambdagamma.com.

Regional Directors

Regional Directors are vital to our organization. They connect with collegiate chapters, live in the area in which they serve, and are representatives of Headquarters and Sigma Lambda Gamma National Sorority, Inc. They provide accurate information and resources to our collegiate entities, cultivate partnerships among stakeholders and reinforce expectations in alignment with national policies, procedures, and operations. To serve as a Regional Director, an alumni in good standing applies for the position through our Headquarters Office and serves for a two (2) year term. Please reach out to Brianna Peral at brianna@sigmalambdagamma.com if you are interested in applying for this position. 

Education Foundation Board of Trustees

If you have a passion for the education foundation, the SLGEF is always looking SLGEF volunteers must be a members in “good standing”, per SLG policy. Check out the SLGEF Website to see how you can volunteer today!