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Lifetime Membership

By joining Sigma Lambda Gamma, you are already a Gamma for life. Our Lifetime Membership ensures that you remain an active and contributing member of our organization. By becoming a Lifetime member, you can continue to have a transformative experience and have an impact on the future of the sorority experience. Your contribution will support Sigma Lambda Gamma and its endeavors through programming, expansion, and philanthropy. By giving back to your sorority, ensures that we will continue to be here for your legacies, many years to come.

Become a member for life—and become a part of our everlasting legacy and sisterhood.

Lifetime Members

Angelica Castillo

Dionne Gomez

Anissa Parra-Grooms

Alice Garcia

Lizeth Vazquez

Yasmin Ara

Joan Kato

Alisha Lewis

Kristel Hernandez

Maribel Delgadillo

Vijay Navarro

Amanda Peguero Marquez

Altina Fenelon-Silva

Yesenia Avalos

Rosy Ortiz De Gasca

Teysha Bowser

Kimy Hudson

Sara Cortes De Pavon

Anah Nolasco

Cachete Hird

Noemi Gonzalez

Elizabeth Esparza

Ely Hernandez

Nicole Nimmons

Itzel Jihan

Who Is Eligible?

– Be an alumni of Sigma Lambda Gamma National Sorority, Inc., having graduated from an accredited four-year institution.
– Be an active member in good standing for a minimum of 5 consecutive years preceding application for Lifetime Membership.
– Not have any financial debt to their collegiate chapter, associate chapter, or alumni association.
– Be in judicial good standing.
– Have been a member of an Alumni Association or Alumni-at-Large for a minimum of two years.

How much does it cost to become a lifetime member?

We have a number of different payment options that make it easy to purchase a Lifetime Membership!

Payment Options

i. One-Time: Requires a one-time payment of $1990.00
ii. Quarterly: Requires a deposit of $199.00 and four (4) quarterly payments of $447.75
iii. Monthly: Requires a deposit of $199.00 and twenty (20) monthly payments of $89.55

Lifetime membership dues and fees do not cover local alumni association dues

What do I receive with my

We are so excited you asked! If membership is paid in a one-time payment of $1990.00 full benefits of lifetime membership go into effect immediately. You will receive the following:


  1. Exclusive Lifetime Membership Pin 
  2. Exclusive Membership Card 
  3. Discount at nationally-sponsored events 
  4. Recognition on SLG’s national website, social media, sorority publications,  and at national events. 
  5. Preferential seating at national events 
  6. Membership Accident Protection Insurance
  7. Exclusive access to Lifetime Membership items 
  8. Any other recognition as deemed appropriate 
  9. National announcement of the commitment

Can I still join an
Alumni Association?

Of course! We encourage you to participate with your local chapter to be even more connected to our Gamma family! By becoming a Lifetime member, you will be billed directly by Headquarters.

Remember, Lifetime membership covers you POR VIDA. You do not have to pay national dues again, despite any future increases in our membership dues.

If interested please contact, Operations Manager at for more information on how to get started.