YES! You can join our sorority after graduation!

How to join Post Grad

Membership is currently divided into two main categories: Collegiate (members currently attending four-year colleges and universities), and Alumni (members who have graduated from a four-year institution). Sigma Lambda Gamma recognizes that joining a sorority in undergrad may not be possible for everyone. If you are interested in becoming an initiated member after college, there are three avenues available.

Joining Post Grad

Alumni Associations (AAs) are entities comprised of Alumni members (Gammas who have transitioned out of undergrad). Many Alumni Associations offer our Graduate Member Program “The Journey” and have recruitment throughout the year. To see if there is an active Alumni Association in your area, please check the Entity Locator and contact them directly.
The Infinity Chapter Membership – Our annual post-grad member intake program is for individuals who have earned their degree from an institution and do not have an active Alumni Association in their area. If you are interested in learning more please contact Brianna Peral at

Honorary Membership – Becoming an Honorary member is reserved for individuals making significant contributions in their respective fields and have dedicated their lives to the empowerment of all women. This prestigious membership is conducted annually by invite only and coordinated by our National Headquarters Office.