Who we are?

Want to know a little about us? Let us tell you.

On April 9th, 1990, Sigma Lambda Gamma was founded at the University of Iowa by five Latina women committed to creating a mechanism of empowerment for all women.

Our Leadership

While Sigma Lambda Gamma’s Headquarters postal box is located in Iowa City, Iowa, our office is 100% remote though the majority of employees live in the midwest.

Our Headquarters’s mission is to advance the values of Sigma Lambda Gamma National Sorority, Inc. by providing professional expertise, purpose-driven support, and passionate commitment to our members, friends, and colleagues.

Christina Oey

Chief Executive Officer
(319) 774-5370 ext. 9005

As CEO, Christina is responsible for the overall success of Sigma Lambda Gamma and its members across the country. She works closely with our National Board of Directors to ensure our organization’s goals and initiatives are being met while also serving as chief administrator at HQ. Christina makes sure HQ staff have the tools and resources they need to be successful, helping to empower Gammas across the nation. Christina is a sister of Sigma Lambda Gamma and crossed on December 1st 2004 at the  Sigma Alpha Chapter.

Brianna Peral

Chief Operations Officer
(319) 774-5370 ext. 9003

As Chief Operations Officer, Brianna provides strategic direction for our sorority’s national operations. She guides our national expansion and retention efforts and works in partnership with the sorority’s regional director team to oversee all collegiate chapters. Brianna also oversees our membership intake program “The Journey”, and offers additional support to Alumni Associations and Alumni at Large members. Brianna is a member of Sigma Lambda Gamma, and crossed on December 13th 2008 at the Psi Chapter.

Sheddlyne Gedeon

Chief Risk Management Officer
(319) 774-5370 ext. 9002


As Chief Risk Management Officer, Sheddlyne provides support services, organizational compliance, and oversight of policies and procedures for members of Sigma Lambda Gamma, including judicial cases. Sheddlynne creates and carries out decisions that will minimize the adverse effects of the organization, and encourage a positive experience for members. Sheddlyne is a member of Sigma Lambda Gamma and crossed Spring 2013 at the Xi Epsilon chapter.


Brisa Jacques

Chief Administrative Officer
(319) 774-5370 ext. 9004

As Chief Administrative Officer, Brisa works closely with the CEO and COO to ensure the needs of our members are being met. Additionally, she is in charge of internal project management and performs various administrative tasks for the organization. This includes the reviewing of induction and initiation paperwork alongside the CRMO and the Operations Manager. Brisa is a member of Sigma Lambda Gamma and was initiated in the Fall of 2018 at Alpha chapter at the University of Iowa.

Brenda Hernandez

Operations Manager
(319) 774-5370 ext. 9008

As Operations Manager, Brenda manages induction and initiation paperwork, as well as membership dues. Brenda also assists with bookkeeping by paying invoices, entering expenses and deposits, and monitoring our financials. Brenda is a member of Sigma Lambda Gamma and crossed in Fall 2015 at the Delta Zeta chapter. 


Maribel Barrera - Marketing Manager

Maribel Barrera

Marketing Manager
(319) 774-5370 ext. 9014

Mari is responsible for creating, designing, and executing all of our social media posts. She works with branding and providing vendor resources, creating national updates, and overall building a bridge between membership and HQ. Mari is a member of Sigma Lambda Gamma and crossed in Spring 2020 at the Kappa Gamma chapter.

Our Vision

Empowered women
leading the world.