Greetings Members,

As mentioned in our Town Hall on Saturday, September 25th, the National Board of Directors is entering its next phase of transition to fully utilizing the Carver Model of Policy Governance which includes creating a type of policy called the Ends

What are Ends Statements? 

  • In Policy Governance Ends Statements clarify the purpose of an organization and why it exists. This difference from our mission and vision which describe what our organization does and our vision for the world around us. 
  • Ends Statements answer three fundamental questions for Sigma Lambda Gamma. 
    • What impact do we want to have?
    • Who benefits from the work of the organization?
    • How do we prioritize and determine the costs of those benefits?
  • Ends statements are similar to goals or outcomes that are in an organization’s strategic plans. Once our Ends have been finalized, they will be used to build out the next iteration of our strategic plan.

It is for these reasons that we need you to let us know what you think of the current draft End Statements. Your input and feedback will help shape the Ends Statements, strategic plan, and the work of our organization for years to come. We encourage ALL members, regardless of current standing to complete the survey linked below. 

The current draft Ends were created in April 2021, utilizing our 2019 research from Culture Shift Team regarding who we were as an organization and where membership saw our organization moving forward. 

How to provide your input: 

Make sure to sign up for our raffle when completing the survey. Ten (10) members will receive a $25 visa gift card! 

The survey will close on November 5th.